Just turned 52 two days ago.

Timeline below:

Born 1968

Learned Piano, Karate, Sex 1978

Moved to USA – 1988

Got Married – 1998

Almost bankrupt / Depression – 2008

Success and fell in love with my home country again – 2018

Infidelities – 2019

Wife ask for a Divorce 2020


My friends told me, you can start over..

Move to an island somewhere and live like a king.

with whom?

I can only imagine doing this with my wife… she’s my rock, air, blood, soul, and the only one I truly love.

I know myself, this is what I want. I want her, nothing else.

I will wait if I have to, I want her back, I want her back…

I love you baby… 😔 please forgive me… 😔

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