Just turned 52 two days ago. Timeline below: Born 1968 Learned Piano, Karate, Sex 1978 Moved to USA – 1988 Got Married – 1998 Almost bankrupt / Depression – 2008 Success and fell in love with my home country again – 2018 Infidelities – 2019 Wife ask for a Divorce 2020 —– My friends told […]

In bed w/her…

She let me joined her around 3AM from the couch. She let me touched her.. rub her skin… She’s deep asleep but I am full of joy and emotion. I can’t imagine not being next to her again. I’m in tears as I lay next to her with no response. All the things I’ve done […]

Night goes by…

I get to stay with her tonight… but I’m sleeping in the couch. I worked on the bathroom anyway. Went to Home Depot and re-ordered the materials she cancelled and laid the tiles.. tomorrow I plan to complete half of it. That fcking golf club when I called the golf course is nowhere to be […]


Today, I told her that I’m going to this golf course I played yesterday to pick up the golf club (iron 9) I lost somewhere (possibly the 12th hole) then Home Depot to pick up the materials we ordered for the bathroom. As I head on to my car, my wife came up to me […]

Our bathroom

She’s been obsessing to get this renovated and I just kept ignoring her. Today, I’m tackling this thing… hoping to gain a ton of points. You’ll see the floor she already pulled. I will be laying out the tiles myself (it’s my first) At this point of desperation, I am invincible! I will do anything […]

Every minute…

I made her a toast this morning. Yes, we still live together. I am thankful… She ate it, a minute of joy for me.. I’m looking at her today (I work at home) and I just want to hug her, kiss her. Everything seems weird. I recall back in the days when she would say […]

Picking up our daughter..

Last night. I picked up our daughter to UCLA to join us for the weekend (2.5hrs. drive from where we live) 20 minutes before meeting my daughter, I called my wife while driving.. crying, begging for forgiveness, another chance to change her mind. She said ‘NO’ with no emotion…  

I am sorry

Hi, Just call me, Me…  I am a male, turning age 52 in 2 days with 2 wonderful and amazing kids; boy and girl. Best of all.. A beautiful loving wife, friend, and companion for life.  Yesterday, my wife asked for a divorce. I will explain later what led us to this (after 22 years […]