Today, I told her that I’m going to this golf course I played yesterday to pick up the golf club (iron 9) I lost somewhere (possibly the 12th hole) then Home Depot to pick up the materials we ordered for the bathroom.

As I head on to my car, my wife came up to me and she said ‘this is what I’m talking about’

‘I don’t like this feeling of doubt when you leave the house. I cancelled the Home Depot order for the bathroom and you can do and go whatever you want’

To my surprise, have no idea that picking up this golf club will trigger for suspicion — it made her realized too that living together will not be an option.

She told me ‘it’s over’ it’s not a wound, it’s thousand pieces destroyed.

She said that anything I do at this point will not matter… I just broke like a kid..

I’m devastated.

I love her, I’ll do anything… anything.

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